Oratory in the Age of Obama

A course in rhetoric for the Honors College of Rutgers Camden

Third Paper — Extending Concepts of Rhetoric and Oratory to Contemporary Practices

Due: 4/27 (first draft), 5/6 (final draft, hardcopy + dropbox)

Requirements: a 6 – 8 page analytical essay, double spaced, Works Cited page; at least four rhetorical figures/tropes identified.

Recommendations: be sure to advance a claim that is interesting and debatable; be sure to state in some fashion what you will examine, and how; be sure to practice accuracy and fairness in your use of texts you consider; be sure to end the paper with some sense of completing a task (in this case a well-considered argument) that you started.


Below I offer some useful links for papers and presentation. Remember that you should keep your presentation to about five minutes and either several slides featuring quotes, claims, summary of analysis/evidence and/or a single page handout.

Your paper draft should be in the required length range (6-8 pp), should draw selectively on readings and rhetorical concepts to advance a claim about speeches or speech situations, as we have often discussed.

You will be sure to ask me anything of concern as we go forward, right?

Resources for Presenting, Developing, Revising, Editing Your Third









These are only several of many available resources you might turn to.


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